I made the official transition to a plant-based lifestyle nearly 1.5 year ago, when I came back after my vacation in Bali and have never looked back. Before becoming vegan, I was vegetarian for 1 year. I ate eggs and milk-chocolate from time to time. But before, I had absolutely no interest looking after my nutrition. I often went to the gym, but ate what and when I wanted. Friends used to mock me and say if I loved animals, then why did I eat them? My answer was always “they’re already dead on the shelf, so I may as well eat them so they don’t go to waste”. But really this was just a convenient excuse to keep them eating.

I started following a few vegan accounts and became more and more interested in the healthy lifestyle but never did anything about it. It wasn’t until I moved to Lucerne, some of my friends ate already vegan, so I finally decided to look into it further. I got conscious about, that everyday I have the choice what I want to put into my body.

Although I wasn’t vegan myself, the idea of putting dead flesh into my body didn’t sit well with me. That’s when I finally forced myself to watch some videos and discovered the cruelty that was going on behind that piece of steak and that carton of milk. I always knew it wasn’t good, but never realized just how bad it really was. I watched videos on Youtube, documentaries on Netflix, read blogs and that was it, decision made. Of course I’ve made a few mistakes along the way but since that day, I have never intentionally put an animal product into my body and I can confidently say I never will again. I just feel so much better.

Overtime I have learnt so much more about the positive impacts of the vegan lifestyle, sustainability, general nutrition and the effects of meat and dairy etc have on our bodies and planet. Nowadays there are sooo many cruelty-free options for almost all animal products. Additionally, in my opinion, no animal has to die just because our human needs. They have exactly the same rights to live a happy life like everyone else does on this amazing planet.

I have customized my diet to suit what feels good for me while also suiting my tastebuds of course. It’s been a huge learning experience with a lot of trial and error but it’s definitely been worth it.